Matthew Mournian is a professional psychic and multidimensional healer specializing in the removal of negative energetic manifestations from the body - things like entity attachment, astral parasites, implantation, and many other forms of energetic targeting that are still widely unacknowledged by the modern day world.

Matthew uses a multi-part protocol of tarot, spirit guide consultation, hypotherapy, and direct transmission of life force energy using an Extra Terrestrial Healing Modality known as Scalar Toning that has shown an unprecedented ability to release a variety of physical, emotional, and energetic maladies from the body.

In 2019 Matthew was guided to form an intuitive healer training program for expanding multidimensional beings who have chosen to be of service to humanity during this great dimensional shift. The School of Multidimensional Intuition was born and in the time since has grown into a global multidimensional educational project whose purpose is to reawaken the great mystic, ancient healer, and the spiritual warrior within each of us.

Whether it be through intuitive consultation, energy clearing, or psychic development it is Matthew's mission to assist with the liberation of mankind during this time of great awakening and expansion of human consciousness. You can find him at his website: and on YouTube @RememberYourMission :

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