CEO & Founder @ Queer Quest
Shadow Healer & Transformation Coach For Queer Individuals
Speaker, Trainer, Author, Podcast Host, Thought Leader, & Entrepreneur

Meet Christiano, a gay man who has dedicated his life to helping queer individuals achieve a positive mindset and a fulfilling and liberated life free of rejection and doubt. Born in Canada, Christiano moved to London at a young age where he began his schooling. His family later moved to the Central Coast of Australia, hoping for a better environment to raise him in. However, this constant moving prevented Christiano from forming lasting friendships, and his early identity was tied to his place within his family.

Throughout his school life, Christiano was always the youngest and smallest in his year, and he was severely bullied for this and for being gay, although he had not yet come to terms with his sexuality. When he entered the workforce after finishing school, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts set in, and he found himself isolating himself from the world as the bullying continued from his school days.

But Christiano didn't let his past define him. He spent over 15 years and invested more than $250,000 in many of the world's top personal development courses, completed a counseling degree, got his masters in NLP, read thousands of books, took hundreds of online courses and consistently works with high-performing coaches and other sought after thought leaders in the industry. This commitment to self-improvement and personal growth, and his life experiences has made Christiano a true expert in the queer community.

Christiano understands the importance of being a people and thought leader, and he has honed his relationship and communication skills by managing large, successful teams in the corporate world. He has put into practice what he has learned along the way and has developed a great attitude, a contagious and charming personality, an open heart, and a deep understanding of what compassion and passion can bring to any coaching relationship.

Since 2020, Christiano's mission is to use his expertise to help queer individuals create a fulfilling and liberated life free from rejection and doubt. With his guidance and support, queer people can overcome the trauma and limiting beliefs that hold them back and develop the mindset and skills they need to achieve their goals and live their best lives. Christiano is more than a coach; he is a partner, a cheerleader, and a best friend who is committed to helping his amazing clients unlock their true potential and achieve their dreams.

Christiano is always looking for his next success story.

AstroShaman” Benjamin Bernstein…

* Wrote the Amazon #1 best-seller “Instant Divine Assistance: Your Complete Guide to Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and More.”

* Hosts two podcasts: “Awaken, Heal, and Thrive!,” and the award-winning “This Week in Astrology” podcast.

* Runs the “Awakening Plus” online membership, which helps its members awaken, heal, and thrive!

* Is a three-time “Best Astrologer” winner in Western North Carolina’s premier reader survey.

* Has done over 10,000 Astrology+, Shamanic Healing/IFS and Life Coaching sessions with a global clientele.

Benjamin facilitates life-transforming healings and spiritual awakenings in his individual and group sessions, and has devoted himself to over 45 years of spiritual practice.

His greatest joy is helping others with his free Instant Divine Assistance (IDA) Invocations, which make spiritual awakening, healing, and more fast and easy. His path has included Vipassana Buddhism, Peruvian shamanism, ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit medicine, and the IDA Invocations.

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