Laura Van Tyne is a Remote Viewer, Author, and Speaker.

Laura specializes in Past Life Regression, Etheric Implant Removal, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Milab Abduction and Soul Integration and Spiritual Self Defense.

Laura is a Milab Recovery Network Specialist and can assist the recovery of repressed Milab and SSP related memories using Remote Viewing and Specialized Regression Techniques that are unique to her innovative skill.

Laura’s focus is on Alien Abduction, Implants and the Pursuit to Capture the Human Soul. Laura will be sharing her research and contribute her findings on abductions by aliens and the demonic forces working behind them with the steps one can take to empower break free of subconscious mind control, programming and strengthen our connection to our Soul Power.

All too often we discuss the problems, but it’s the solutions that are needed!

Marla Mac, MBA
Aligned Business Guide
Advanced Human Design Specialist

Marla is an Aligned Business Guide and Advanced Human Design Specialist. She helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs align to their Human Design in business, so they create meaning and impact in a sustainable way by building a business that feeds their Soul.

Marla runs the Human Design Aligned [Business] Facebook group, and co-founded the Human Design Portal Facebook group, with over 5,500 members and growing.

Human Design found Marla after her MBA, corporate management burnout and a failed business, which triggered a Dark Night of the Soul. As she began studying her chart, her Soul spoke to her and said “This is my calling.” She has been sharing the gift of Human Design and helping her clients discover their natural gifts and talents as entrepreneurs ever since.

Marla is a 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator, living in Toronto, Canada with her husband and rescue cat, Chuck. In true multi-passionate Manifesting Generator fashion, she has an entire basement full of neglected sports gear and short-lived hobbies.

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