Amma Ventelä is a channel of the Divine cosmic and angelic energies, an intuitive psychic, and spiritual healer living in Finland. She is the CEO of her fast-growing spiritual business Thyra&Me Oy, named after Viking Queen Thyra who is one of her spirit guides and her real life great grandmother from 32 generations ago. 

She has a PhD in ecology, and for 25 years she was fully devoted to an international aquatic science career. In the 2010’s, she experienced a transformational spiritual awakening which has turned her from a work-oriented, stressed out, joyless woman, to a happy, inspired, and enthusiastic queen of woo woo energy. Amma has received full downloads of spiritual courses and programs since 2021. 

The academy of Joy and Light has already more than 300 students and both her personal mentoring and the group sessions with clairvoyant energy healing are currently very popular. She is now remembering her full soul mission to support the ascension process of Earth and humanity.

Elena the Greek is not just an energy healer, psychic medium, and oracle; she's a transformative conduit for celestial wisdom. With her work rooted in healing at the soul level, Elena achieves extraordinary results that reverberate through every facet of your life—mind, body, and spirit.

At the core of Elena's practice is her passion for empowering individuals to reclaim their divine gifts. What truly sets her heart alight is guiding you to connect with your True Self, unlock your Soul Gifts, and heed your cosmic callings. With a specialized focus on Chakra-based healing, Elena employs a rich multifaceted, multidimensions of spiritual wisdom to help you achieve balance and harmony.

But Elena's gifts don't stop there. As a starseed channeling light language, she serves as a bridge between earthly and celestial realms, providing the unique ability to dissolve blocks and those activate latent gifts within you. The light language she channels enables you to transcend mundane limitations and awaken the magic within you, thereby contributing to the larger cosmic symphony.

If you're ready to step into your power and unleash your divine potential, Elena the Greek offers not just a service, but a transcendent experience that will illuminate your path to self-mastery and celestial connection.

Devorah Spilman has been a master storyteller for over 30 years. Today she is also an intuitive coach and helps writers, creatives and entrepreneurs to find the clarity and confidence to tell their deep, authentic story, to live their purpose and transform their lives. Her “In Story Group” takes people on a journey to find and manifest their soul’s calling and bring their story, mission and message out into the world. Devorah has clients all over the world following their calling, writing books and building businesses based on the deep work that accesses their inner story and the power to integrate and use all parts of ourselves.

If you have ever been told you have to tell your story to succeed and then wondered how to do it, wonder no more. Devorah will take you within to find and tell your story and to access your soul’s calling. Through her signature InStory process Devorah takes women writers, creatives and entrepreneurs within so you can access your authentic stories and bring them out into the world to make a difference, and transform our business, our lives and our world.

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